Background history of SSPCA

Sham Shui Po Community Association (SSPCA) is a local community organization. Over 20 years, SSPCA has been devoted to serving the community, as well as encouraging and training its “neighbors” to help one another. Aiming at both cultivating the spirit of mutual support among neighbors and improving social living standard, SSPCA organizes and holds various recreational, educational and development-concerned activities, with a view of consolidating the community’s power for building mutual-supporting community life. SSPCA strives to take care of the welfare of citizens residing in Sham Shui Po District.

Aims of SSPCA

* To provide non-profitable charity services to the old, weak, poor and needy persons, encourage the community to take care of them. Elderly, women, children and youth reside in Sham Shui Po District are our target groups.

* To organize women in the community to concern about issues on battered women and child abuse and provide recreational programmes to families receiving CSSA.

* To encourage citizens’ participations in social services so as to maintain Sham Shui Po District a harmonic community in which provision of charitable programmes will be facilitated. Various community education projects and recreational activities will be introduced to recruit women and youth volunteers so that they can contribute to our charity programmes.

Major operations and services

* The Executive Committee holds a number of expansionary and social events every year, in order to consolidate various voluntary organizations and groups, explore possibilities of cooperation, and unite community power.

* Through holding all kinds of workshops and activities, promote the concept of healthy and environmental friendly lifestyle to women, while guiding their focus onto social issues at the same time.

* Specially organize a cooperative workshop and encourage female members to establish a cooperative shop in the City University’s Student Residence to serve the youngsters nearby, and catalyze its independent operations, aiming at pushing grass-root women in the district to become self-dependant.

* To comprise a mutual support group for the elderly, in view of improving their living standard; provide body check services; visits to the elderly, and to organize a variety of events for the welfare of the poor, such as giving rice dumplings during Tuen Ng Festival, giving mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn, and organizing vegetarian feasts for the elderly.

* To train youth leaders, hold regular youth group activities; train young volunteers to be sensitive to social problems and needs of the residents in the district, and encourage them to actively take part in community affairs.

* To provide multi-aspect learning opportunities for workers in the district, for the purpose of unifying them and enhancing their confidence, while encouraging them to serve the community.





Address:Rm. 10-11, G.F, Tung Shing House, Tai Hang Tung Estate, Kln

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